Our Story

James Bennett (keyboards & hand percussion)

Richard Hall (drums)

Linda Lawrence (vocals)

*Richard Nettleship (guitars & vocals)

Russ Parsons (vocals)

Steve Roe (vocals)

David Wright (acoustic guitar & bass guitar)

*Richard is leaving us shortly to pursue his personal music career.  He is being replaced by Chris Pearson. 

The band got together to record David's portfolio of songs - all written since December 2013.  Peter Courcey was the original drummer and vocalist, but he left in July 2015.  We released an album  of 12 songs 'Riff Reign' on 16 December 2014. Keith Martin (Desperate Measures) guested on mandolin and melodeon on Down To The Town.  Our second album of 12 songs 'Sittin' Here Thinking' was released on 8 April 2016.

We're now working on new recordings, with the intention of releasing two x 4-track EPs later this year, plus a Christmas single called Sing Out With Cheer.  As well as rock songs, we intend to include an acoustic song about dustbowl USA of the 30s.  At some stage we may also record an acoustic version of a song from our first album:  Touchdown London.

Our songs are drawn from real-life experiences and themes which could happen in real life.

Location: South Yorkshire/North Nottinghamshire UK